Sydney Theatre Company (STC) / Australian Graffiti / 2017

STC has a proud heritage as a creative hub and incubator for Australian theatre-makers. Through a number of different programs, they provide professional development opportunities, access to key personnel and resources, and encouragement and support of emerging talent in the industry.

Australian Graffiti marks the debut of a remarkable young voice. Disapol Savetsila (22) migrated to Australia from Thailand, with his parents and siblings, as a child. His play is an investigation of the migrant experience from the inside out. Teasing out the complexities of identity and belonging, his writing – both wryly humorous and deeply affecting – offers an insight into Australian lives often overlooked.

Emerging from the LOTUS program at Playwriting Australia, Australian Graffiti was developed by STC in partnership with Asian Australian arts company Performance 4a. The play is an STC commission directed by Paige Rattray, who has been part of its evolution since its STC ‘Rough Drafts’ workshop in 2015.

Australian Graffiti was performed as part of STC’s main stage season at the Wharf 2 Theatre in July/August 2017.

An Asian story told by an Asian writer with a predominantly Asian cast, is something that has never been programmed at STC before. This enhanced the careers and skills of those involved and provided a new experience for STC audiences. 21% of the audience in a post-show survey gave the show a score of 9/10 or above. The survey included 513 responses. Some respondents positively commented on STC’s commitment to developing new talent.