CareerTrackers 2017

The Girgensohn Foundation received the Chairman’s Award for showing commitment and leadership to fulfilling the vision of CareerTrackers.

Financial Review 2010

‘How good came from a year from hell’ 31 July 2010

…Thomas Girgensohn “You think, ‘OK we give money away by paying tax’ but you are not 100%happy with where that goes. You think you can do it better yourself, be more proactive and use those funds to create something that isn’t already there.” His wife says “We did not do it to be good, we wanted it to have an effect, and as soon as you know what your money actually does it’s easier to give it away.”

STC Foundation, June 2010

Andrew Upton & Cate Blanchett (Artistic Directors)

“Last year you made a generous and very much appreciated conribution to commissioning a new work for young audiences (and what a hit that’s turned out to be!)…

…Investment in artists and new theatrical forms is, we believe, a responsibility for a company of our stature, as is our investment in education and access programs which continue to expand and challenge young minds and build a healthy future for Australian performing arts.

Commissioning new work is a key part of this plan, so, as time rolls ’round to the end of the financial year in June, we are writing to you now to thank you both for the current level of support and ongoing commitment to the Company.”…

NIDA ‘Box Seat’ August 2009

Lynne Williams (Director/CEO)

…”We welcome International Director Peter Kleinert and his colleague Thomas Beyer from Ernst Busch School of Performing Arts in Berlin who will work with NIDS students to deliver the keenly anticipated ‘The Threepenny Opera‘ in the Parade Theatre. Peter and Thomas’ involvement has been supported by the Girgensohn Foundation whose generosity allows NIDA students to experience new forms of theatre and stretch their learning experience by working with international directors.”…

NIDA Foundation News May 2009

“One of the key priorities NIDA has introduced in its 50th Anniversary year is the regular engagement of international directors. Having a secure source of funding is essential in the engagement of any international artist, and having the support of the Girgensohn Foundation will allow NIDA to plan ahead with confidence…”

Cure Cancer Australia Foundation / Can Too 2008, 2009

Newsletter Spring 08

…”This year we have instigated our Centurion Program. Centurions are people who have been participants in the program and now want to get involved in a different manner. Thanks goes to our first Centurion Thomas Girgensohn who sponsored our West Program…”

Newsletter Spring 09

…”Other exciting developments include our Centurion Program which has enabled us to grow our pods to 8 in Sydney and 2 in Melbourne in 2009. We would really love to thank Thomas and Ingeborg Girgensohn,…, for paving the way in our newest drive to fund our phenomenal growth and for becoming Centurions.”